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In the late 1970s, a group of people came together to form an intentional housing community in the Grandview-Woodlands neighbourhood of Vancouver, British Columbia. The Watershed Co-operative Housing Association, developed under a federal housing program, has been providing housing since 1981.

Watershed Co-op consists of fourteen households (one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom units) in two buildings.

Our Mission

To sustain, through co-operative governance, a supportive and affordable housing community of diverse members.


the International Co-operative Alliance, the body representing co-operatives around the world, adopted the following guiding principles for co-ops of all kinds:

Open membershipCo-ops are open without exception to anyone who needs their services and freely accepts the obligations of membership.

Democratic controlCo-ops are controlled by their members, who together set policy, make decisions and elect leaders who report to them. In primary co-ops each member has one vote.

Economic participationAll members contribute fairly to their co-ops, which they own in common. Co-ops pay a limited return (if any) on money people have to invest to become members. Surpluses are held for the future and used to improve the co-op’s services.

IndependenceAll agreements co-ops sign with outside organizations or governments should leave the members in control of the co-op

Co-operative educationCo-ops offer training to their members, directors and staff. Co-ops tell the public what they are and what they do.

Co-operation among co-operativesCo-ops work together through local, national and international structures to serve their members.

CommunityCo-ops meet members’ needs in ways that build lasting communities within and beyond each co-op.

For more information about housing co-ops, visit the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC at